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Sacred Fate Republished

I finally managed to republish Sacred Fate! Not only does it have a new cover, this also gave me the chance to correct typos and other errors including the reinsertion of a bit of dialogue I discovered had been edited out only after the book was published the first time around. Rest assured, other than these two matters, there have been no changes to the storyline or characters.

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Book 8 Update: Setback

I was supposed to release Duty or Desire early this week through an aggregator. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that need fixing which will delay the book’s release. Among other things, I may have to change my author name to a more standard first name/last name one. That means I have to ask my cover artist to change the name on the cover to the new one. And I’ll probably have to change the names of my website and GoodReads page and maybe this LJ too.

I knew self-publishing could be a slog through a swampy park. I was actually anticipating glitches before I could get Book 8 out. But I never expected a change of author name to be one of them. It’s a good thing I just want to publish this book regardless of whether it will do well or not. Because otherwise...

Do wish me more luck and offer a prayer or two. I really need both.
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Forest River

JRR Tolkien – The Sons of Elrond, Fic #64: Ponder

Edited: I originally stated there was one chapter and an epilogue to go. But I simply couldn’t write them. Nothing seemed right. I then re-read the whole story and realized my inability to continue is because there’s nothing left for me to write for this story. This chapter IS the natural end for Prior Claim. Anything else I add would be just filler. So, yes, this is the last chapter. I hope you don’t think it’s a cop out. I just don’t want to tack on an ending that feels forced. I hope I’m not disappointing anyone overmuch. But if so please forgive me.

January 5, 2017
I know—late but better than never, right? The past year was a mixed bag for me. I hope and pray 2017 will skew more to the good than the bad not just for myself but for all of us.


Title: Ponder
Author: Eressë
Fandom: JRR Tolkien - The Sons of Elrond (written for the fanfic100 challenge)
Characters: Elrohir/Legolas
Prompt: 096: Waiting
Word Count: 912
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the wizard of storytelling himself, JRR Tolkien and/or his estate. No offense is intended or profit made in my use of them.
Summary: Elrohir contemplates both past and future as he awaits his spouse’s return. Part 53 of Prior Claim.

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Still Alive and Kicking

Hello everyone! I know my silence the past several months worried some of you if your emails and messages are anything to go by. My apologies for not replying. That was remiss of me regardless of the distractions that got in the way. I hope you’ll forgive me after I explain my absence.

Long story short my publisher got seriously ill and passed away last summer. Unfortunately not every author contracted by Liquid Silver Publishing received the news. I was one of them. This happened primarily because her daughter knows nothing about the business but didn’t want to pay the salary of her mother’s operations manager so he could close the company properly. What that means is he would have reverted all the authors’ rights, computed their remaining royalties and had their books pulled from all distributor and retail outlets including LSP’s own website. But she wasn’t willing to pay him to do that yet hasn’t been exactly putting her mother’s affairs in order either. So that’s what’s been clogging the works so to speak.

I’d been trying to determine whether to look again for another publisher or self-publish ever since I learned my publisher was sick. But then I got wind of my publisher’s death and her daughter’s inability to close the business properly. So I had to work on getting the rights on all my LSP books reverted which entailed emailing her and her lawyer (who isn’t any more knowledgeable about digital publishing than she is) every week for three months. When she finally complied, her letter was unsigned. So I had to pester her for two weeks sending an email every other day. I got my signed reversion of rights letter this week - FINALLY.

But the slog has just started. She has no idea how to take down books or maybe doesn’t care enough about the authors to do so. So I’m going to have to do this on my own. From the reports of the other authors who knew early on what was going on and managed to get their reversion rights back, Amazon is the hardest to get their books pulled from because of all the red tape and apparent lack of proper procedure for cases like ours, i.e. authors personally requesting that their books be taken down because their publisher is unable to do it for them. So that’s where I am right now with regards my published books. It’s frustrating to know that my books continue to be sold wherever but I’m not going to be receiving royalties any longer.

As for the eighth book, it looks like I’m going to have to self-publish. I have a cover in the works and I hope it will be done by next month at the latest. My problem right now is navigating the U.S. tax system since virtually all reputable self-publishing platforms are U.S. based. It appears as a non-U.S. writer, I may have to get an ITIN which is next to impossible to procure from my neck of the woods since the IRS doesn’t provide online processing. I have no idea if my publisher got me one or for whatever legal reason didn’t need to and I’m certainly not going to get any information from her daughter. So, yes, it’s going to be an uphill climb of Everestian proportions for me if it turns out I do need an ITIN.

If I succeed with Book Eight, I will self-publish the previous books as well albeit with new covers and hopefully with all the typos and errors spotted after they were released corrected. Wish me luck and thank you so much for your patience and expressed and continued interest in Chronicles of Ylandre. It’s very much appreciated and a great source of encouragement and consolation for me.

In the meantime, with COVID-19 laying siege to practically the whole world, do take care of yourselves, observe all the protective protocols against this virus and please cooperate with the calls for social distancing and home quarantines. Your health and lives are of far more worth than some weeks of boredom and inactivity. When you come out at the end whole and healthy, you’ll have the rest of your lives to indulge in all the things you had to forego today. And if you can spare the time (and believe in it), say a prayer for Italy and Spain where the mortality rates have soared and also for all the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who are at the forefront of this pandemic and daily risk their health and lives tending to and trying to save those who’ve had the misfortune to be severely stricken by this virus.
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And It’s Away!

I finally submitted Duty or Desire yesterday. Went over the ms until my eyes crossed. Same goes for the synopsis and query. So now I wait. It can take up to 12 weeks before I get a reply. I’m not sure that I want to submit elsewhere simultaneously.

Meanwhile, rather than twiddle my thumbs for 3 months or so, I’ve decided to start writing the next book. But I can’t make up my mind whose story to tackle — Aeldan’s or Yovan’s.

Parts of Yovan’s story will feature him as he and his mate are now. So a good portion of the book will center on an older couple. Honestly, I find the prospect highly exciting, as well as challenging. The last time I wrote explicitly about older couples in a romantic and sexual context was in LotR fanfic. You know, Elrond, Thranduil, Galadriel. But they were millennia-old Elves. So I don’t know if that counts.

Aeldan on the other hand will be embroiled in a love triangle. Truth be told I’m never comfortable writing intimate scenes, whether emotional or sexual, involving a character who’s not one of the romantic leads. So it’s also going to be a challenge which I almost always enjoy. But one concern is that part of Aeldan’s story will take him out of Ylandre which is already a huge part of the twins’ book. I don’t know if it’s wise to do a repeat of that so soon.

Decisions, decisions...

Anyway, cross your fingers that Duty or Desire will find a home soon. And if you believe in it, please say a little prayer too.

In the meantime, I hope I can finally finish not just Prior Claim but ALL the fanfic100 prompts. It’s taking too damn long!
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JRR Tolkien – The Sons of Elrond, Fic #63: Prospects + an Explanation

I've been struggling with writer's block for some time now. Hence the paucity of updates and lack of a book release this year. I decided to try and write another chapter for Prior Claim to help jumpstart my writing. I think the timing was right because the words just flowed while I wrote this. So here's the fourth to the last chapter of PC. As always, I hope it pleases.

Title: Prospects

Author: Eressë
Fandom: JRR Tolkien - The Sons of Elrond (written for the fanfic100 challenge)
Characters: Elrohir/Legolas, Elladan, Gimli
Prompt: 073. Light
Word Count: 1504
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the wizard of storytelling himself, JRR Tolkien and/or his estate. No offense is intended or profit made in my use of them.
Summary: Middle-earth emerges from under the shadow. Part 52 of Prior Claim.

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Table of Prompts & Story Links
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Updates and Explanations

I know, it's been ages since my last post. I can only hope people are still interested in anything I have to say (or write).

Truth be told, I hit a long dry spell after I completed Shield Mate. Couldn't write anything substantial until almost Christmas. But then I got sidetracked by the yuletide season. I did manage to write a number of chapters when I still had spare time pre-hectic holiday schedule whereas before bits and pieces simply percolated in my post-book addled brain. But once my schedule tightened up, I put my writing aside with every intention of getting right back to it in the new year. Should have known it wouldn't be that simple.

The hubby and I decided it was time to do some minor renovations on our house toward the end of January, "minor" being the operative word. Wishful thinking that one. What started as one new cabinet and a few repair jobs morphed into major additions such as display shelving over our kitchen counter, more cabinetry and shelves in the bedrooms and dining area, expansion of our pantry, new tiles for the powder room and changing all the cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen.

We finally completed the renovations last week. Needless to say, my writing was repeatedly disrupted. Being the stay-at-home spouse, I'm the one who had to oversee the workers. Ordinarily, I make up for lost time during the day by writing well into the wee hours. But this time around, I was so tired come nightfall that my brain refused to cooperate. And my muses? Seems like they decided to take a vacation.

Anyway, I'm back on track with the next book and crossing my fingers that I'll stay on it until I'm done writing. My muses have returned from their holiday as well so it's all systems go once more. Everyone who contacted me during the past two months, my deepest apologies for not responding. Please bear with me, I'll do my best to get back to you asap.

~ Eressë ~