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Bruinen Pavillion
Title: Friction
Author: Eressë
Fandom: JRR Tolkien – The Sons of Elrond (fanfic100)
Characters: Elrohir/Legolas
Prompt: 018. Black
Word Count: 1157
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the wizard of storytelling himself, JRR Tolkien and/or his estate. No offense is intended or profit made in my use of them.
Summary: When pride once more takes precedence over prudence, a long simmering grievance comes to a head. Part 46 of Prior Claim.


Legolas let loose a low imprecation as he peeked into the armory and still saw no sign of Elrohir. Since receiving word of the brethren’s return to Rivendell, he had looked everywhere in the Last Homely House that the Elf-knight frequented. He had no idea where else to search for him. And it irked him that Elrohir had not come to him after he and Elladan had reported the results of their mission to Lord Elrond.

The woodland prince grimaced. He had no right to take offense; Elrohir’s reasons for making himself scarce were valid. Indeed, Elladan had not minced words when he’d cornered Legolas earlier. He’d demanded to know what Legolas had been thinking when he volunteered to accompany Frodo Baggins on his dangerously quixotic quest. Or rather he sarcastically remarked that Legolas had not been thinking at all. When Legolas declined to explain matters, Elladan then snapped that Elrohir would likely eschew his lover’s company for the foreseeable future.

That was the reason Legolas was virtually turning the house and its grounds inside out. And still he had not discovered Elrohir’s whereabouts. He exhaled in frustration and exited the armory. Wondering where else to look, he headed back to the main wing. It was as he was walking down the hallway that he looked out a wide window at the slopes of the valley’s enclosing hills, no longer so verdant with the coming of winter.

Seized by a long ago memory, he hurried to the east porch of the house and, stepping out into the chill air, turned his gaze upward. He soon espied the narrow path that climbed up to the stone ledge that had been the twins’ retreat in their youth.

It was then he saw him—a lone figure standing atop the outcropping of rock that sheltered the ledge. Elrohir did not appear to have seen Legolas for his gaze was directed elsewhere. His raven locks unbound and blown about by the sharp breeze, his inky cloak whipping around him like a dark cloud, and his rangy form clad in black from his woolen tunic to his sturdy boots, Elrohir was a vision to behold albeit a somber one this late afternoon.

Legolas quickly ascended the hill to the ledge. As soon as he stepped onto the level space and looked up, Elrohir turned his head to meet his gaze. The Elf-knight neither apologized nor issued an invitation to join him atop the rock. Instead, he looked once more into the distance. Legolas followed the direction of his gaze and realized it was the gardens Elrohir had been observing. Or rather what lay in the garden’s embrace.

He saw Aragorn and Arwen standing together under a bower of sturdy vines and hardy blossoms. Their heads close and hands clasped, they were talking to each other, occasionally punctuating their conversation with tender clinging kisses. There was no doubt they were very much in love.

“This will be his final test,” Elrohir murmured. “This will ascertain whether he will win himself Elrond’s daughter or not.”

Legolas frowned and looked up at Elrohir. “Surely you hope he does not pass the test. It will spare you a very grievous loss.”

“On occasion, the thought occurs to each of us,” Elrohir admitted.

“I would be surprised if it did not.” Legolas shook his head. “I confess I do not understand why anyone would wish to wed a mortal.”

Elrohir’s faint smile was chilling. “Her choice is not so ill.”

“Surely you jest!” Legolas scoffed. “How can you deem the shortness of Men’s lives desirable in the least?”

“If there is love to share, it is not so evil a fate,” Elrohir retorted. “And if there is none, all the better to live for a finite while only.”

Legolas nigh gaped at him incredulously. “Elrohir?”

“At least, they have an end to their misery and despair. We can’t say the same.” Elrohir laid glistening eyes on Legolas. “I can’t say the same. Not yet.” He took a deep breath. “Or perhaps never.”

Before Legolas could respond, Elrohir abruptly dropped down from his perch, turned to the path and started to make his way down. Legolas stared after him in dismay for a few heartbeats before rallying his wits enough to follow.

“Elrohir, wait!”

He imbued his voice with just enough of a commanding tone to compel his lover to pause and glance back over his shoulder. He caught up with Elrohir and grabbed him by the elbow, half glaring at him.

“What are you suggesting?” he asked, his voice hard.

Elrohir shook his head. “’Tis not a suggestion but something I am forced to consider now that you have left me with few options to choose from. That is, options worthy of my time or patience.”

Legolas stared at him. He did not think he had ever heard Elrohir use that tone with him before—cold and bitter and loaded with resentment.

“You are angry because I opted to join the Company of the Ring,” he ventured.

“Angry?” Elrohir yanked his arm away. “Angry does not begin to describe what I feel, Prince of Mirkwood,” he practically spat, all traces of gallantry and geniality gone. “But given that once again everything and everyone else has come before me in your priorities, why should I expect you to understand? You wish to avenge your people’s honor and redeem your benighted pride? By all means, proceed and the consequences be damned. But do not expect me to wait again for Eru only knows how long before you return—if you return—in the vain hope that you will finally choose me. Because judging from your past choices, I fear, indeed I predict Mordor will freeze over first!”

He did not give Legolas another chance to detain him. With nary a backward glance and his stiff shoulders and clenched fists revealing the state of his temper, Elrohir strode down the path at a brisk pace. Too shocked by the vitriol the younger twin had vented on him, Legolas did not move from his spot for the longest while. And as he watched Elrohir hasten down the hillside and return to the house, he became aware that his heart was pounding frantically and his mind awash with bleak and mournful visions of the future.

Legolas realized he had never known such terror before, not even at the height of the fiercest battle he’d ever fought.

But then, all he'd had to lose might have been his life and, being of the Firstborn, that would not be a permanent state. But if it were Elrohir’s life that were lost should he choose to follow the example of his father’s long-dead brother turned mortal king, there would be no resurrection for either him or Legolas to look forward to. Not within the circles of the world.

If Elrohir chose the Doom of Men, there would be no hope left. For either of them.

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Dec. 22nd, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
In my likely unpopular opinion, it is about damn time. *g* Well said, Elrohir.

Good to see you back, darling. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

Dec. 23rd, 2013 04:10 am (UTC)
It's not an unpopular opinion at all, Min. I haven't received so many emails and private messages complaining about the situation since Greenleaf and Imladris!

I hope you and yours enjoy the holidays too. :)
Dec. 24th, 2013 12:00 am (UTC)
Hey, at least that means your readers care. At least that's what I kept telling myself when the Haldir fans wanted to string up Elladan in my little ficlet arc. *g*
Dec. 26th, 2013 12:16 pm (UTC)
I'm not a Haldir fan so I I was pretty much on Elladan's side that whole arc. *chuckle* But I agree it probably means the readers care. And actually I do think it's better to get some kind of reaction, bad or good, than complete indifference. :)
Dec. 22nd, 2013 07:38 pm (UTC)
oooooooooooooo smackdown!
Dec. 23rd, 2013 04:11 am (UTC)
It was about time as so many have been saying. :)
Dec. 23rd, 2013 04:12 am (UTC)
yus indeedy
Dec. 22nd, 2013 09:17 pm (UTC)
I have to agree with Min, bout time Roh.
Dec. 23rd, 2013 04:12 am (UTC)
You're not the only one. *chuckle*
Dec. 23rd, 2013 06:55 am (UTC)
Thank you for the Christmas gift. have a wonderful Holiday! Nothing like angst for the holidays!
Dec. 23rd, 2013 03:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks Alanic. I'm glad you enjoyed this, but it isn't my Christmas offering. That will be posted on the day itself. :)
Dec. 23rd, 2013 08:19 am (UTC)
Thanks for updating in time for Christmas!

As an unashamed Legolas fan I have to feel sorry for him. Judging from other comments, most readers' sympathies lie with Elrohir, but although I can see how the situation has worn his patience, I don't see how Legolas could have acted otherwise, given his circumstances. And right now, Legolas is alone in Imladris, while Elrohir is surrounded by friends and family. So yes, I'm going to be unpopular and say poor Legolas! I hate the thought of him leaving on the quest, worried that he's lost Elrohir for ever.

Still, I am fond of Elrohir too, so I hope he doesn't do anything rash.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Dec. 23rd, 2013 03:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks Naledi. Actually, this isn't my Christmas post but I'm glad it entertained you anyway.

My sympathies don't completely lie with Elrohir either. He let his fears keep him from voicing his discontent. And I understand Legolas's difficulties as I'm fascinated by the repercussions of being bound to duty and obligation by dint of one's position in society and government. Both of them have made mistakes and must cope with the fallout which will be dealt with in the next chapter. I do hope you'll like it as well. :)
Dec. 30th, 2013 12:33 am (UTC)
Having had a good think about this I am not sure whose side I am on, on the one hand I do understand the position Legolas is in, he is his father's heir and presumably he will marry and begat more heirs, on the other hand he has strung Elrohir along for so long it's about time Elrohir put his foot down and told Legolas to put up or shut up!

You have to take into consideration that Elrohir was very young when he embarked on his affair with Legolas and did not have the life experience to understand quite what he was getting into. Love does make fools of us all!

Jan. 1st, 2014 05:35 am (UTC)
Hi Lynda! Yes, there is no "good" or "bad' guy in this situation. Legolas is constrained by his position and attendant duties and Elrohir basically hamstrung himself when he swore complete fidelity to their relationship early on. It is long past time for Legolas to make a choice, but Elrohir couldn't hurry him along without appearing to put the pressure on when he promised he would wait. Either way, they made some less than wise decisions. :)
Jan. 15th, 2014 04:32 am (UTC)
Aha, now we come to it. Elrohir's been very patient for so long. I hope Legolas can convince him to be so a little longer. I love the way you write these two!
Jan. 15th, 2014 08:28 am (UTC)
Thanks Mel. I'm glad you enjoy the way I write them. At this point, Elrohir's patience was virtually hanging on a thread So it didn't take much to snap it and an ultimatum was all but inevitable.
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