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Updates and Ruminations

Lady of the Quill
Belated Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it. :D

To Andri and Eileen (dah24) and anyone else who's interested, I've finally decided who to model Vaeren and Ranael on. For now that is—I might change my mind along the way. But when you're trying to keep characters in character even as you develop them, it definitely helps a lot to have a clear idea what they look like.

I also finished two more chapters and introduced the primary antagonist of Shield Mate. I know, why only now, but I don't write my books in linear fashion so... Anyway, he's presenting something of a challenge characterization-wise. He has to be attractive, but without overshadowing either of the protagonists. Yet I can't "evil" him up to make him less engaging. He's the bad guy with regards the romance, not an outright villain. So I have to find him appealing in order to keep from vilifying him, but dislike what he does and stands for so as not to portray him too sympathetically. It appears I'll have to rely on personality and/or attitude flaws to help point up contrasts between him and the main characters. Which isn't cut and dried either since both have their fair share of flaws too.

It's a fine and tricky line I'm trying to tread. Hope I don't fall off. 

Letter Meme

Lady of the Quill
I don't really do memes but as aglarien1 puts it, this one passes the "I'm not silly" test. She gave me the letter "M" so here goes:

Something I hate: Mosquitos, especially when dengue fever season hits my corner of the world.

Something I love: Mantecado ice cream, particularly the buttery vanilla version.

Somewhere I've been: Can’t pick just one—Macau, Milan, Madrid, Manila, Miami, Mexico, Manhattan.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Malaysia or Montreal (would love to visit my friend gloromeien).

Someone I know: It seems I know more people with names beginning with “M” than any other letter—3 Marks, 2 Martins, 2 Miguels, Melchor, Michael, Mervyn, 2 Mays, 2 Mylenes, Michiko, Maia, Michaela & a slew of Marias, Marys and Maries (usually preceding another name, e.g. Maria Cristina, Mary Rose, Marie Elizabeth).

A film I like: A toss up between Maurice, Men in Black and Maleficent.

A book I love: Murder on the Orient Express. I think I love this book as much for the descriptions of the Orient Express as for the mystery.

An Author: Toss up between James A. Michener, Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Mitchell.

Anyone else who'd like to try this and wants a letter?


Jan. 17th, 2015

Lady of the Quill
I seem to have got my writing mojo back. With the hectic pace of the holidays behind me, I feel much more relaxed and no longer pressured. Add the mellow mood gained from watching the news coverage of Pope Francis' visits to Sri Lanka and the Philippines and I feel refreshed and bursting with eagerness again.

I've been asked if I could provide a sneak peek of Shield Mate - either a blurb or an excerpt or both. I was hesitant to do so because manuscripts and even blurbs undergo editing. So what I have at present could change extensively and bear little to no resemblance to the finished product.

Then I remembered that so far none of my books have been altered that much. (In fact, my editors' one consistent comment is that I submit clean, well-written manuscripts, i.e. I proofread and self-edit my work within an inch of its figurative life and I take their writing suggestions and guidelines on board with each succeeding book.) So I guess I can be confident enough that whatever I share now will appear in the book with minimal significant changes.

So Eileen and Andri, you're getting your wish. Just keep in mind that both the blurb and excerpt are unedited and can change by the time Shield Mate is released.

As always, I hope this pleases.

Working BlurbCollapse )

Working PrologueCollapse )

Season's Greetings!

Sparkling Quill
Merry Christmas to one and all!

May your fondest dreams and dearest wishes be fulfilled in the year to come.

From my sickbed

Lady of the Quill
I know, it's an over dramatic title but unfortunately it's true. I came down with chills, aching muscles and wobbly knees last Wednesday. I felt better Thursday morning and idiotically thought I was up to baking twelve dozen cookies for my youngest son's Christmas gift exchange with his school friends. Long story short, I wound up back in bed feeling terrible and pretty stupid.

This is the latest snag in my writing schedule. The moment the month got underway, everything turned hectic and I found myself unable to write continuously for any length of time. I also ceased to check in online so my apologies to everyone who emailed me or sent me comments here or elsewhere. This is my first peek at any of the sites I frequent in weeks!

I'd like to thank Lynda for the Advent Calendar. Every one you've sent me has been wonderful and my sons get a kick out of the "projects" like designing personal Christmas stockings, putting up a tree and dressing up a wreath. I lost the first two you sent me when my laptop was stolen and was really happy to receive a new one this year and so were they. Again thank you so much. :D

Once I feel up to it, I'll respond to everyone else who contacted me and didn't receive a response. Again, my apologies.


Guest Post & Giveaway: Selina Kray

Lady of the Quill
I'm so happy to welcome my dear friend and fellow writer Selina Kray (aka gloromeien) to my humble blog. Her debut novel will be out on November 14, 2014. Finally!

Like Stars is a tug-at-the-heartstrings take on the fascinating, almost unbelievable story upon which the films Le Retour de Martin Guerre and Sommersby were based.

24. 1400x2100Stars Front copy

Take a gander at Selina's fantastic trailer (Wish I could put together something as wonderful!) and read what inspired her to write this story of forbidden romance, mysteries galore and love against all odds. And if you comment on this post, you will have the chance to win one e-copy of Like Stars in the format of your choice. So include your email address if you're interested.

What if your true love walked back into your life five years after his death?

Nathaniel Thredgold has finally returned from the war. Or has he? His lover, Wesley Douglas, isn’t sure. Wesley must put aside his engagement, his disbelief, and his anger to give his professional opinion. The truth about their relationship isn’t an option. But is this stranger really the Ravensworth heir and Wesley’s long-lost love? When your heart’s at stake, there’s no room for doubt.

Set in the Edwardian era, Like Stars is a tale of mysterious identities, scandalous family secrets, and lovers in a dangerous time.

Reimagining History by Selina KrayCollapse )

If you've read Selina's wonderful fan fiction, you already know what a brilliant writer she is. I heartily urge you all to indulge yourselves with this must-have, must-read literary treat.

~ Eressë :) ~

Author Interview

Lady of the Quill
Larissa, one of the reviewers of the popular now defunct m/m books review site Reviews by Jessewave, wrote an honest yet delightful review of In Fine Form for her new blog Bookwinked which she hopes will be "a fun little corner to discuss everything related to (gay) romance books." She also interviewed me, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Her questions were fun, in-depth and insightful. Interested? You can read the interview here. As always, I hope it pleases.

~ Eressë

No longer MIA

Lady of the Quill
My apologies for going MIA the past several weeks. I was busy dealing with the loss of some files when my laptop also went MIA. Thank God I'd backed up the majority of my stuff but I still had to wait for the new laptop and when I got it, transfer/upload files I'd saved and then reconstruct whatever I didn't remember to back up.

Unfortunately, that included some research stuff like my colour charts (eyes, hair, skin, fabric—why yes, I keep stuff like that on hand), pictures of people I modelled or am considering modelling my characters on, my CoY glossary which, thank goodness, I had the sense to post on my website, and the latest CoY timeline. I make individual timelines per book and a comprehensive one covering the entire series so I can keep track of what happened when to who relative to everything else without checking several different lists. Unhappily, that's the one I lost. So I had to collate the different timelines all over again. It's a tedious job but necessary if I want to avoid continuity errors. *sigh* I've certainly learned a lesson from this experience and am now backing up everything within a centimetre of their figurative lives.

On the bright side, I've started to write pretty steadily again. Writer's block is dissipating at last and my enthusiasm is on its way up once more. Maybe that has to do with the actors I want to model the characters of Shield Mate on. I saw them on an episode from the latest season of Supernatural. (Caught up with the series over the weekend in a viewing marathon after having missed the last three seasons following the move to our current home. What can I say? The show is a guilty pleasure. But that's neither here nor there and a whole different story besides.) Anyway, the guys were never together in any scene but I could still picture how they'd look side by side and decided I liked the visual chemistry (is there such a thing?) and the contrasts in colouring and features between them. So they're serving as inspiration for the time being and doing so very well.

There are times however when I'm a bit distracted by Misha Collins whose delicious visage and voice and portrayal of a luscious dangerous angel no less now has me seeing him as Yovan Seydon, Rohyr's delectable uncle and advisor. Poor guy, reduced to an edible treat in my mind. And since it's his character that's hooked me on the show all over again, the obvious choice to base his mate Mered on is the guy he shares a "profound bond" with. Oh yes, I can be that shallow. Of course, I could change my mind again by the time I write his book. But I have a feeling I won't.

So that's the latest news from my little corner of the world. I hope you've all been doing much better than I. Have a good week. :) 

In Fine Form is Out!

Lady of the Quill
In Fine Form is now available at Liquid Silver Books and LSB's retail outlets worldwide (see links below). A big, big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book—it was thrilling to learn people actually reserved a copy. I hope In Fine Form lives up to your expectations. Thank you one and all for the support and encouragement.
6 In Fine Form
                                    To Buy: LSbooks, Amazon, ARe, B&N, Kobo, iBooks,

Interview with a Friend :D

Lady of the Quill
My good friend and prodigiously talented fellow writer gloromeien now aka Selina Kray interviewed me in anticipation of the release of Chronicles of Ylandre Book Six: In Fine Form. It's a very comprehensive interview and the most open I've ever been about who I am and how I write. I guess that's because I trust Selina implicitly and was confident she would advise me to hold my tongue or encourage me to spill the beans as the case may be. Anyway, it's on her blog now. So if you want to read it, go here.

~ Eressë ~

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