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Here's to 2016!

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! My apologies for being so late with my greetings. My schedule throughout the holidays was so packed I didn't have spare time to write or keep up with my correspondence whether snail mail or online. Sadly, I even missed a few yuletide gatherings and reunions with friends and family. Anyway, may your fondest dreams and dearest wishes find fulfillment this 2016.

Dec. 25th, 2015

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Shield Mate is Out!

Shield Mate is now available at Liquid Silver Books and other retail outlets worldwide. A big, big thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book. I hope Shield Mate lives up to your expectations. Thank you one and all for the support and encouragement.

             To Buy: LSBooks, Amazon, ARe, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Google

Shield Mate: now available for pre-order!

Shield Mate, Book Seven of Chronicles of Ylandre, is now available for pre-order at LSBooks at 20% off the retail cover price. :D
I'll always be grateful that M/M fiction came into being. I wouldn't have started writing for public consumption if not for the introduction of this genre and its fanfic relation, slash fiction. But I'm disheartened when the very people this genre revolves around, even purports to champion, report feeling baffled, hurt or further marginalized by some portrayals of their lives and are told they're wrong to complain or scolded for airing their grievances. Worse, are met with indignation for not appreciating their "allies." As if writing M/M automatically makes one an ally of the LGBTQ community. Margaret Hamilton wrote about slavery in the deep south but she was hardly an ally of POC. Not even in the loosest sense of the word.

I'm too annoyed right now by the hostility and condescencion shown those who dare to speak in less than glowing or grateful terms of the genre or its writers to put my thoughts into words with any coherence. But this post by author Alexis Hall says it all so I'll let it speak for me: I may not agree with what you say but i will try my best not to be a dick about it.

Shield Mate: To be released 12/21/2015

Chronicles of Ylandre Book Seven: Shield Mate will be released by Liquid Silver Books on December 21, 2015. My heartfelt thanks to Lynn Perkins for creating this luscious cover.

The respect of many pales beside the regard of one who matters above all else.

Ranael knew his obligations to family and society. As a scion of Ylandre’s most powerful House, he was destined for a life of service, albeit a privileged one. As the son of a wealthy fief-lord, he was supposed to bed or wed as befitted his station. With obedience to authority ingrained in him since childhood, Ranael hewed closely to what was expected of a royal-blooded aristocrat and a military officer. Thus, defiance of the strictures of his position never entered his mind. Until he came to covet Vaeren Henaz.

Vaeren did his duty to king and country despite attempts to put him in his place and keep him there. A survivor of neglect and frightful adversity before and after he fled the orphanage wherein he grew up, Vaeren refused to let his illegitimacy or lack of sufficient lineage stop him from fighting his way up the ranks of Ylandre’s hidebound army. Nor did he allow anything or anyone to trample on his dignity or his heart. Until he learned to love Ranael Mesare.

In the dual-gendered realm of Ylandre, two warriors of nigh irreconcilably dissimilar backgrounds battle their way through the vagaries of military conventions, social censure, and personal vendettas. All while struggling with an attraction that contravenes the traditions and expectations that shape life and love in the world of Aisen’s most powerful nation.

When "he" turns out to be "she"

I'm rather disappointed that I can no longer rely on Josh Lanyon for an actual gay man’s voice in M/M fiction. Mind you, I’ll still read her books. JL turning out to be female didn’t suddenly erase her writing skill. But I’ll be less trusting of her portrayals of gay male characters from hereon. Which is frustrating to say the least.

This calls to mind the first time I was misled into believing an author of M/M fiction was a gay man. That case was a real doozy complete with fake profile and real stories. The author wrote Queer as Folk fanfic and one of the stories' selling points was that the gay characters were authentically written due to the writer being male and gay. He was supposedly a thirty-something war vet who'd wound up in hospital for battle injuries and was then invalided out of the armed forces. His partner was a lawyer several years his junior who also wrote QaF fanfic and even had his own following. The same writer was behind that persona too. The charade ended when she suffered a fatal stroke.

It baffles me to this day how anyone managed to keep up such a deception for years. Or why she wanted to in the first place. It strikes me as pretty exhausting. And to try and keep the lies and made up stuff straight? I don't think you can unless you keep a record of every single one. It's just insane. *shakes head*

Updates - Shield Mate

The cover art for Shield Mate is beautiful though I say it myself. Content editing is also finished; the manuscript is now with the final line editor. Now I'm just waiting for the book's ETR (estimated time of release :D).
I received the rough draft of Shield Mate's cover and am thrilled with it. I did ask for some tweaks to bring it closer in line with what's in the book but otherwise, it's fantastic. In the meantime, I managed to write another chapter of Prior Claim. As always, I hope this pleases.

Edit: By the way, I caved and am now on Twitter - @Eresse21 - though what I'll do with it I haven't a clue.

Title: Affirmation
Author: Eressë
Fandom: JRR Tolkien - The Sons of Elrond (written for the fanfic100 challenge)
Characters: Elrohir/Legolas
Prompt: 038. Touch
Word Count: 1254
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the wizard of storytelling himself, JRR Tolkien and/or his estate. No offense is intended or profit made in my use of them.
Summary: Legolas and Elrohir’s marriage bond demands replenishment even in the midst of war. Part 51 of Prior Claim.

AffirmationCollapse )

Table of Prompts & Story Links


I submitted the manuscript of Shield Mate last weekend. So that's finally done and I just have to sit tight and wait for my publisher to accept it. Or not. I'm crossing my fingers and praying they do.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a short break (very short, I promise) from writing. I haven't written non-stop way into the wee hours of the morning in years, not to mention spent almost a week editing and proofreading the ms before I submitted it. That really took a lot out of me. But after getting past several months worth of writer's block, I was so worried my writing spree would end too quickly that I took advantage of my renewed zeal and went for it. So, yeah, taking a breather.

Then I hope to finish Prior Claim (just five more chapters!) and work on a good number of my remaining fanfic100 prompts. And then I can get started on the next book (if Shield Mate is accepted) though I'm still trying to figure out whose story to write next. Don't have a particular favorite as yet. So, this is my long-winded way of saying, "Wish me luck."

Eressë :)

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